Empowering People, Transforming Lives

Enabled Wairoa is a community based, social services provider that has a deep understanding of its communities needs, fueled by a commitment to its people.

Our vision is centred on empowering individuals to make better choices for themselves, their whanau, and their community so they can contribute from a place of aroha and wairua that transcends the past.

Check out our Holiday Programme.

Individual or Group Programmes to strengthen Whanau relationships.

Anger Management Programmes for Individuals or Groups.

Mantra offers a Mindful Wellbeing programme designed
for women, men and groups.

Our People, Our Community, Our Care…

Enabled Wairoa is staffed by local people dedicated to supporting and empowering their community.

All are experienced professionals specialising in delivering a range of community and social care programmes.

Formally Wairoa Youth Services Trust, Enabled Wairoa our new name, was chosen as it embodies the core value of enabling others to reach a greater potential for themselves, their whanau and community.

With a strong focus on empowering individuals and groups Enabled Wairoa's programmes are designed to improve whanau wellbeing, parent-children relationships and help resolve anger management issues.

Enabled Wairoa also provides additional services including assisting Whanau with online benefit applications.


Whānau are living happy and healthy lives.


Guiding whānau/family working towards positive outcomes in health, education and wellness.

Our ethos aligns to the E Tu Wairoa Values

Aroha – Giving with no expectation of return
Whanaungatanga – It’s about being connected
Whakapapa – Knowing who you are and where you belong
Kōrero Awhi – Positive communication and actions
Mana/Manaaki – Building the Mana of others
through nurturing, growing and challenging
Tikanga – Doing things the right way according to our values


The symbol depicts an outer ring; the community, family and individual are held within its space and protection.
The koru, a wave of motion and energy that carries the hope of the people. Positioned on the crest of the wave, the light that guides us in all we do and shines on a pathway to better outcomes.

The Colours:

When selecting the colours consideration was given to their meaning. A common interpretation of green and blue is around communication and openness.
The orange and yellow align with creativity, empathy and life. Combined they complement the brand story and its objectives.


Our Team

Chief Executive
Executive Assistant
Practice Manager
Support Worker
Whanau Against Meth Coordinator


Mantra Facilitator
Mantra Facilitator

Whangaia Nga Pa Harakeke ki Wairoa

Team Leader

GOVERNANCE: Chairman's Overview

It is with real pride that I work alongside the women and men of Enabled Wairoa.

Privileging Whanau voice serves as a platform for everything we do, and with this in mind we take enormous pride in the growth of our services from 5 to 13 in the last two years.

This energised approach is simply because the outcomes of our mahi impact on people’s lives in at times, such a profound way that our mission is to deliver responsive services that match community need as much as our resources will allow.

Innovation is the fun part of what we do and is evidenced in amongst others things with,

• Whanau against meth community programmes delivered by Whanau for Whanau

• Crisis support service that responds to vulnerable whanau

• “Mantra” programme that has helped currently over 250 people understand how past events

have negatively impacted on them and provided them with a changed mind-set providing for more empowered life choices and the remarkable possibilities that have been created from that

• New family violence programmes that work for both men and women who seek change and empowerment for

themselves and their whanau

• Emergency and Transitional housing solutions that deliver tangible options for our clients in real need

The determination and leadership which has allowed the Trust to achieve so much, with at times so little, is in no small part due to the extraordinary commitment displayed by each and every member of our team.

A huge thank you goes to all the organisations and people who support the valuable work of Enabled Wairoa both financially and with the gift of their time.

Together we are creating a world-class agency by whanau for whanau.

Noho ora mai

Mark Oberman

Parent Programme

The Parent Programme is a research-based programme that aims to increase children’s social skills at home, early childhood centre and school. It has also been found to be helpful in reducing aggression and behaviour problems.

Programme Focus:

• Develop positive family relationships
• Provide strategies to prevent misbehaviour
• Provide a support network for parents
• What the course covers:
• Play / special times
• Praise & rewards
• Effective limit setting
• Preventing & handling misbehaviour
• Problem-solving
• Communication

Programme Details:

• Suitable for those caring for children between
3-8 years.
• Each session runs for 2.5 hours. 14 in total.
• Consider breaks for school holidays.
• Is run in a small group (14- 18 adults), with 2 trained facilitators.
• No cost

Out Of School Programmes

Enabled Wairoa provides age-appropriate programmes and activities to assist and enhance a child or young person’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cultural development, in a safe and caring environment.

Breakaway School Holiday

• Ages 11-17• Fosters growth and development, leadership and the 3 Rs (Respectful, Responsible & Reliable)
• Jan & Apr School holidays
• Physical and cultural activities throughout the Wairoa District
• No cost.

Whānau Empowerment

Enabled Wairoa provides a range of social support and advocacy programmes for whānau.

We deliver holistic services to whānau that restores safety and wellbeing/mauri ora and supporting them to
create long term change. We assist whānau to access additional services needed and draw on wider whānau
and community to achieve long term change with a focus on effective, innovative and joined-up ways to meet whānau and community need.

Family Support:

• Providing intervention and support strategies for parents and caregivers who have children in their care
• Parent/Child relationships
• Whanau relationships
• Anger Management
• Couples support
• Positive Parenting Strategies
• No cost

Strengthening Families:

• Supporting families with advocacy and social support
• Providing a coordinated approach between agencies to gain better outcomes for whanau
• No cost

Family Harm Intervention:

• Anger Management Strategies
• Wellbeing & mindfulness programmes
• Peer support
• No cost

Child and Youth Mentoring:

• Providing group and individual support for children and young people.
• Anger Management
• Positive relationships – peers/school/whanau
• No cost

Womens Support

Enabled Wairoa provides group and individual support for any women affected by family harm.

It is strength based therapy to provide Whanau with ways to better manage the anger, hurt, frustration and pain they may be facing in their lives.

Family Harm Intervention

• Anger Management Strategies
• Wellbeing & mindfulness programmes
• Peer support
• No cost

Emergency and Transitional Housing

Emergency Housing

Whanau living in Emergency Accommodation are assisted with wellbeing programmes and advocacy support.

Referrals come to us through the Ministry of Social Development and we continue to work in partnership with MSD assisting Whanau to source long term housing.

Transitional Housing

The only Transitional Housing Provider for Wairoa, Enabled provides fully furnished warm, safe and dry short term accommodation for Whanau experiencing a housing crisis.

A Key Worker is allocated who can assist Whanau with wellbeing programmes, advocacy and help source long term sustainable housing options.

Referrals come to us through the Ministry of Social Development.

Whanau Against Meth

Whanau Against Meth was derived from Nannies Against P and their Whanau with the intention of having their stories heard and how we can utilise their experiences to reject P in our lives and the community.

From their voices, we have created a new holistic wellbeing service and day respite available to any Whanau impacted by methamphetamine.

WH. Brand Logo-Clear Bg Cropped x 489W x 564H-min


Every whãnau has their hopes and aspirations.

We understand this and aim to work alongside those in our
community who are facing challenging times.

Tuia te here tangata
Tũturu o whiti

Shaping Your Future By Shifting Your Mindset

Mantra is an educational programme designed to assist individuals and groups build responsibility and accountability to themselves, sustainably.

Quickly and without drama, Mantra helps them
identify their core inner critics and lets them choose their new motivators, or mantra.

Mantra is a process that allows people to manage
their inner critic(a mindset in concrete), and opens
a heart-space (mindfulness) that reconnects them with themselves so they can experience love, compassion and contribution authentically.

Mantra promotes awareness, responsibility and
choice as a pathway to transforming lives,
while building self-respect, value and worth for

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