Womens Support

Enabled Wairoa provides group and individual support for any women affected by family harm.

It is strength-based therapy to provide Whanau with ways to better manage the anger, hurt, frustration and pain they may be facing in their lives.

Family Harm Intervention

• Anger Management Strategies
• Wellbeing & mindfulness programmes
• Peer support
• No cost

Building Awesome Matua

Building Awesome Matua is an 8-week parenting programme developed specifically for dads who wish to support their whanau to thrive and for their children to feel deeply loved. The vision of Building Awesome Matua is to support men to develop the skills and understanding needed to feel empowered to transform their own lives and the lives of their whanau.

Mana Tane Group

Mana Tane is a stopping violence programme developed to provide men with "safe spaces" to discuss the predisposing causes, effects and solutions to ceasing family harm. Delivered in conjunction with the Safe Man Safe Family Redemption programme, The Mana Tane group aim is to Uncover (the reasons that Family harm happens), Recover (from that trauma individuals experience) and Discover (healthy strategies to manage conflict/emotions)

Parent Programme

The Parents Programme is a research-based programme that aims to increase children’s social skills at home, early childhood centre and school. It has also been found to be helpful in reducing aggression and behaviour problems.

Programme Focus:

• Develop positive family relationships
• Provide strategies to prevent misbehaviour
• Provide a support network for parents
• What the course covers:
• Play / special times
• Praise & rewards
• Effective limit setting
• Preventing & handling misbehaviour
• Problem-solving
• Communication

Programme Details:

• Suitable for those caring for children between
3-8 years.
• Each session runs for 2.5 hours. 14 in total.
• Consider breaks for school holidays.
• Is run in a small group (14- 18 adults), with 2 trained facilitators.
• No cost

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Out Of School Programmes

Enabled Wairoa provides age-appropriate programmes and activities to assist and enhance a child or young person’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cultural development, in a safe and caring environment.

Breakaway School Holiday

• Ages 11-17
• Fosters growth and development, leadership and the 3 Rs (Respectful, Responsible & Reliable)
• Jan & Apr School holidays
• Physical and cultural activities throughout the Wairoa District
• No cost.

Whanau Against Meth

Whanau Against Meth was derived from Nannies Against P and their Whanau with the intention of having their stories heard and how we can utilise their experiences to reject P in our lives and the community.

From their voices, we have created a new holistic wellbeing service and day respite available to any Whanau impacted by methamphetamine.

Shaping Your Future By Shifting Your Mindset

Mantra is an educational programme designed to assist individuals and groups build responsibility and accountability to themselves, sustainably.

Quickly and without drama, Mantra helps them identify their core inner critics and lets them choose their new motivators, or mantra.

Mantra is a process that allows people to manage their inner critic (a mindset in concrete), and opens a heart-space (mindfulness) that reconnects them with themselves so they can experience love, compassion and contribution authentically.

Mantra promotes awareness, responsibility and choice as a pathway to transforming lives, while building self-respect, value and worth for themselves.

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